Facilities at Waterfront Shaw

Complete wi-fi Internet

Nature keeps you connected with your soul inside, while a complete and FREE wi-fi facility connects you with the world outside. Enjoy Internet Access, browse, shop, do anything your hearty desires.


Go back in time on a two-wheeler bicycle, just as you did as a teenager. Ride your cycle across the lovely terrain, soak your eyes in the bright colours and enjoy every bit of your little journey. Rent a bicycle for FREE.


Turn your room into a playground. Bring the house down with some dizzying entertainment. Bring out the child in you, and splurge on a tantalising range of games and movies on the latest XBox and sleek new DVD players. And the enjoyment doubles, when you know all this is for FREE.


Memories you can buy

At The Waterfront Shaw, you take home a world of memories – literally. Shop for amazing souvenirs at our delightfully-stocked shop. Here you can browse around, shop and take away long-lasting memories of Lavasa. The range of goodies includes artefacts, garments, and accessories and more, all endowed with the local flavour of Lavasa.