The All American Diner

Rewind to the Great American Meal Experience

Spread over the length and breadth of the United States, The All American Diner has its own special look and menu. In fact, to put it simply in Diner dialect, “If it ain’t servin’ breakfast at any hour of the day, it ain’t no Diner!”
New Delhi’s cult favourite restaurant, The All American Diner is servin’ large slices of nostalgia that shall take you back in time – a time when ol’ fashioned values and ol’ fashioned love reigned supreme. A time when Marilyn Monroe shared adulation with Lucille Ball and Betty Boop! A time when even though Elvis was still around, Rock ‘n’ Roll was King! These nifty fifties shall be re-created in Lavasa.

Treat yourself to fashionable food

The decor consists of as authentic Diner memorabilia as anywhere, but this one is probably one of the most stylized Diners in the world. Bric-a-brac – tin and enamel plaques – has been painstakingly collected from antique shops and flea markets throughout the U.S., over the years. The ol’-fashioned Malts and Shakes notwithstanding, we offer an incredible range of coffees & cocktails. Diner Menus feature classic Burgers, Pancakes, Waffles, Malts, Shakes and decadent ‘All Day Breakfast’. And not just that, the grub here too is from those glorious years – an era where the words ‘Cholesterol’, or ‘Dieting’, did not exist… So go ahead, and take a trip down memory lane!

Chor Bizarre

Dine in antique style

Chor Bizarre – India’s Restaurant captures the spirit of the ‘Chor bazaar’ or ‘thieves market’ in the heart of Lavasa. It is only at the Chor Bizarre that you can find ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that….We can be called a gallery, an attic, really clever and quite mad’ – all descriptions that we feel sum up the idea of Chor Bizarre. Part art, part kitsch, part imaginative, part contrived – the interiors of it has been put together keeping India’s finery, frivolity and sheer joie-de-vivre in mind.

With its kaleidoscopic interiors, Chor Bizarre serves authentic Indian cuisine in a unique atmosphere. An Aladdin’s cave of bric-a-brac and fascinating antiques, the resplendent furnishings and décor have been collected from various bazaars of India.

It is said you can travel the length and breadth of India and not repeat the same dish at any meal. Chor Bizarre has collected recipes that it liked from different parts of the country. Chor Bizarre is however, partial towards Kashmiri cuisine and is the only restaurant outside of Kashmir valley that has access to the secrets of ‘Wazwan’ – the ceremonial feast of 36 courses. Chor Bizarre is thus able to offer traditional ‘Tarami’ in addition to other ‘Thalis’ – a sampling of dishes from various parts of India, to make your gastronomic journey complete. Chor Bizarre also serves ‘Tak-a-Tak’ platters, a range of ‘Chaats’ and prides itself on a large vegetarian repertoire. The piece de resistance at Chor Bizarre is the vintage car that serves as a unique salad and chaat mobile supplementing the lavish buffet.

Oriental Octopus

Take your taste buds on a journey they have never been. Orient Octopus , as the name suggests, features cuisine from 8 countries of the ‘Orient’ – China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan & Singapore.
The art deco interiors done in orchid and steel and the cutting edge cuisine give it a place among the most elegant and authentic far-eastern cuisine restaurants.
The lavasa restaurant plays a wide variety of Jazz


Once upon a time in Ancient India, there existed a ‘Science’ to enhance every aspect of life. The ancient created Astronomy, Ayurveda, Astrology, Yoga, Classical Music & dance and even food. The way the grain was to be planted, nurtured and eaten… REVIVAL Golden Thali, is a welcome revival of lndia’s multi-hued culinary traditions, styled traditionally, and in an unlimited format. Welcome to Revival Golden Thali experience! Now you need not come all the way to Mumbai, to satisfy yourself!

Past Times

Past Times transports you into the England of yore, of gentlemen’s sports, of ladies with parasols, of hearty pub fare to wash down with every conceivable spirit.
Designed as an English pub, the walls feature only English sport memorabilia while the menu has a curious mix of Indian, Lebanese and English bar snacks, just as most pubs in the UK do too, nowadays.

Granma’s Homemade

Come home to good taste

Indulge in the delicatessen delights of Granma’s Homemade, New Delhi’s favourite patisserie and ice cream parlour at Lavasa. On-the-go sandwiches, sinful desserts, coffees, cakes, authentic bakes, homemade chocolates, milkshakes and ice creams – all find their true home at Granma’s Homemade. The parlour boasts of a unique design with an open kitchen – which means you can enjoy delicacies hot from the oven. What’s more, the sandwiches, breads and confectionary, freshly made every day, are portioned generously reminding one of authentic homemade American desserts. You can also take away the delights or order birthday & anniversary cakes in advance.


Pizzavala brings high quality, quick service pizzas to Lavasa. A small, 16 seat café, with plenty of outdoor seating and a takeaway option – Pizzavala has a large heart for all those who love food. Dig into a whole range of pizzas freshly made with hand tossed dough. From sinful cheese stuffed pizzas to healthy multi grain ones, Old World Hospitality chefs make sure that there is something for everyone.

Select from a wide range on the menu or make your own. Toppings include bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, paneer, pineapple, onions, etc. Some of our signature pizzas include a Meatball Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Bacon & Pineapple Pizza, Mushroom Magic Pizza, Fire & Smoke Pizza, Artichoke and Pesto Pizza. Or you can choose the economical single pizza slices. If you like it traditional, go for a la carte, pastas and combo meals.


In our attempt to bring the best cuisines from every corner of the world, Old World Hospitality is proud to present TABAKH, our path breaking Middle-Eastern fast food take out restaurant. The magic of the Marrakech is now available in your city!

Old World Hospitality chefs have developed a menu that is sure to tantalize your taste buds and satiate your appetite for that authentic Middle-Eastern flavour.

Dig into a range of fantastic kababs and rolls accompanied by a veritable symphony of sides and salads. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite on the go or a hearty meal, Tabakh is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and leave you coming back for more.

Authentic ‘as it should be’ food from the streets of the Middle-East, Tabakh captures the essence of Arabia and puts it on your plate.

Tikka Town Express

Tikka Town Express offers quick service North Indian food with quality ingredients, consistent flavors, and incredible value for money creating a terrific dining experience that raises the bar on Indian fast food. It offers streamlined menu to better suit fast food expectations and offer a range of value combinations.

The Express menu includes short yet elaborate menu at Tikka Town includes Kathi rolls, Pocket Paranthas, Hyderabadi Biryani, Curries, Parantha Meals & more… Jodhpuri Paranthas, Pocket Paranthas are interesting inventions of Tikka Town.

Chaat Waat

Street food on your palate

When in Lavasa, Chaat Waat, New Delhi’s favourite ‘street food shop’, offers you a delectable range of Delhi, Bombay, Lucknow chaat.
Taste innovative highlights like Dilli Papri Chaat, Lucknow Chaat, Corn Bhel, Bhel Cone, Harre Matar Ki Tikki, Dahi Batata Poori, Calcutta Jhalmoori, Atom Bomb (our twist to the Raj Kachori). And classic Indian desserts like Phirni, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Teeli Wali Kulfi and Matka Kulfi. All freshly made chaat and desserts are served all day long – at best prices.
Chaat Waat ( at Eatopia, India Habitat Centre) in New Delhi is the city’s favourite destination for street food. It has received rave reviews from diners as well as food critics, since its opening in 2001 and hopes to earn the same accolades at Lavasa.


For those with a twisted sense of flavor!

Love potato snacks? Try Twisteez, the ultimate South African fried potato with a twist. The fun begins when potatoes, skewers and a deep fryer are used with the Twisteez machine to create this unique and fun food.
It is all done in just one and half minute, and the potato stick is just ready to be gobbled. All crisp and crackling…
But wait, Twisteez is always more delicious with a dash of one of our exclusive and deliciously mouth watering MSG free and Halaal certified flavor salts. So go ahead and choose from one of these tempting toppings. Give your tastebuds a twisted sense of flavour you have never imagined. Go grab a bunch of Twisteez today!