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Soups N Salads
We like to make our salads fresh, zesty and yummy. We have a variety of crisp and crunchy salads. And our soups, well, they’re something to write home about. Hearty and delightful, they’ll make you feel snug and fill you up, leaving just enough room for ice cream. Butter Milk and Celery Soup; Chilled Chicken and Fennel Soup Cilantro Infused Chicken Soup; Tuscan Bean Soup Parmesan Crusted Chicken Salad, Fresh Fruits And Salad Greens, Honey Dressing, Green Apple And Chicory Salad, Blue Cheese; Greek Salad, Garlic Croute, Garden Fresh Greens And Vegetables. We’ve accumulated lots of new tastes to explore. Looking for something light? We have the best soups with vegetables ready to go.
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