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Oriental Octopus
Oriental Octopus – Best of 2013 Did you miss out any of the mouthwatering festivals that were brought to you by the Oriental Octopus at The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa in 2013? Don’t lose heart or your appetite because the Oriental Octopus is now bringing you the Best of 2013. Indulge in Spinach & Corn Dumplings; Wok Tossed Chilli Chicken with Chilli Bean sesame Chilli Prawns; Home Made Momos; Whole Jumbo Prawns; Fish in Sambal XO Sauce; Wok Tossed chicken with Runner Beans; Silken Tofu in Chu Chi Curry; Quick Fried Chinese Greens Dry Red Chilly; Thai Basil Fried Rice with Lemon Grass with Thai Herbs; Dan Dan Noodles; Mix Sea Food Noodles and more.
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