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Sandwich Festival
Are you one of those people for whom a sandwich is a perfect meal? Or are you one of those who appreciate a well-made sandwich? Either way you won’t be disappointed! Head over to the All American Diner at The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa this month and enjoy the Sandwich Festival. Choose from BBQ Chicken in Bagel Bread; Chicken Ham with Honey, Orange Mustard Dressing in Baguette Bread; Sliced Lamb Caramelized Corn Onion, Horizon Sauce Bacon, Jalapeno Cheese in Croissant Sandwich; Mushroom, Jalapeno Blue Cheese in Croissant Sandwich; Fried Cottage Cheese, Caramelized Onion, Horizon Sauce Open Faced Grilled Vegetable, Smoked Cheese in Baguette Bread; Grilled Tofu, Mango Coleslaw, Jalapeno in Croissant Sandwich and much more.
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