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When in Lavasa, be sure to bring out the adventurer in you and take part in a range of activities that are sure to get your adrenaline rushing. From active water sports to meditative activities, there is a wide choice that you can pick from:
Active adventures
  • Befriend the waters - Hit the waters at Lakeshore with some exciting and challenging water sports
  • Dare to climb a rock - Go and rise up the heights you never thought you could at XThrill which allows you to have fun with some rock climbing and rappelling
Relaxing options
Unwind your senses - Breathe, relax, and meditate with nature by your side. Let nature’s sights and smells heal you as you discover yourself at the Nature Trail.
All is child’s play - Play with your child or become a child yourself with swings, seesaws and lots more at the colourful and vibrant Play Park.
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