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The All American Diner Lavasa Restaurant

Rewind to the Great American Meal Experience

Spread over the length and breadth of the United States, The All American Diner has its own special look and menu. In fact, to put it simply in Diner dialect, "If it ain't servin' breakfast at any hour of the day, it ain't no Diner!"

New Delhi’s cult favourite restaurant, The All American Diner is servin' large slices of nostalgia that shall take you back in time - a time when ol' fashioned values and ol' fashioned love reigned supreme. A time when Marilyn Monroe shared adulation with Lucille Ball and Betty Boop! A time when even though Elvis was still around, Rock 'n' Roll was King! These nifty fifties shall be re-created in Lavasa.

Treat yourself to fashionable food

The decor consists of as authentic Diner memorabilia as anywhere, but this one is probably one of the most stylized Diners in the world. Bric-a-brac - tin and enamel plaques - has been painstakingly collected from antique shops and flea markets throughout the U.S., over the years. The ol'-fashioned Malts and Shakes notwithstanding, we offer an incredible range of coffees & cocktails. Diner Menus feature classic Burgers, Pancakes, Waffles, Malts, Shakes and decadent 'All Day Breakfast'. And not just that, the grub here too is from those glorious years - an era where the words 'Cholesterol', or 'Dieting', did not exist... So go ahead, and take a trip down memory lane!
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